Principle of the water drop

Imagine a single drop of water coming from the sky to fall into a calm pond. Stop the time just a moment before she makes one with the pond, let her float over it, watch it, read it. This drop contains valuable information; It is an idea, the emergence of creativity. It has a great harmless and free power, that of inspiring, and even influencing …

Now, let her continue her fall. PLOUK!

As soon as it has become a central point, it emits undulations which, at regular intervals, grow until they are completely dissolved. The first wave becomes the second wave, the latter, the third and so on … This is how I intervene by adding lines to my paintings … Following a spontaneous rhythm! The wider the undulation, the more it fades away, and, as it fades away, it occupies a wider area, but with less relief … So is the diffusion of an idea in time .

Now imagine several drops fall one after the other, one beside the other, and this, without a moment being identical to the preceding one. Imagine the quantity of information and ideas whose diffusion is intermingled by the emission of concentric circles …

Imagine the inspiring influence that all things exert on each of us.

The fused gut preserves in itself the trace of its history which, having become memory, is now part of the collective consciousness.

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